You tube ad-blockers and why I use them

You tube (YT) is owned and controlled by a group of greedy morally bankrupt bitches, bastards and 29 and 1/2 other genders.

Google, owner of YT, once had a mantra to do no harm. Now it is make as much money, no matter what, for the owners/shareholders. So what if the pursuit of profits kills people?

Case in point: YT was paid billions of dollars to promote the covid mRNA medicines and to do that they had to suppress life-saving medicines like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Now they are suppressing, not too effectively, any mention of the excess deaths caused by the mRNA vaccines, some within minutes of getting the shot.

Politicians also took the big pharma bribes and suppressed the life-saving medicines. I point to the asshole, sisolak, governor of Nevada, who banned HCQ from being prescribed for people dying from covid 19; the son of a bitch killed people because of his greed.

For years I used ad blockers to watch YT videos. Then starting last year the bitches, bastards and 29 and 1/2 other genders decided that blocking their ad revenue was bad. There are many great video conent creators who were de-monetized. That meant that they were paid NO money even though YT ran ads on their content.

Youtube as a corporation is evil, pure and simple. So I bootleg the content. At first there was a war of ad blockers and then YT decided to blank out videos if you were using ad blockers.

Option 1 was to copy/paste the video into one of two web sites that would download and save the video for later viewing. They are and ; each have their strengths and weaknesses. They are great to download music and information videos to save; I have quite a collection of old music, movies, and other information.

Option 2: Then I found a few good ideas to try. I found that YT uses cookies to count your viewing and then after so many ad-free then they blank the video watching. I found that Vivaldi in Linux is easy to create a bare-bones browser using Vivaldi and then swapping it for one corrupted with cookies. This will work until YT tries something else.

I pay the content providers directly with purchases and tip jar. I give no money to those murdering thieves at YT.

Update Sunday, 04 February 2024 You Tube is now more clever with their programming and now under my main account all content is blocked withthis:

No more warnings. So I am back to copy/paste the URL into other downloading software. I also found that Virtual Box running Lubuntu on mxLinux and using Brave browser will allow me to setup and run another instance of YT until it is blocked. I still consider YT share holders and staff to be greedy bitches, bastards, or one of 29 and 1/2 other genders.

I just noticed that embedded adverts from the CDC will cause the video to play. Dr. John Campbell has a lot of good accurate information on covid vax and has been punished by YT by suspension and de-monetization so I just discovered that his video today will play when other videos are blocked. The only difference is the CDC ‘info’ propaganda at the bottom of the video:

Look at above pictue at COVID-10 vaccine for the propaganda and lies about the vaxx which kills people.


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